Manual: GALAPAGOS: from Pixels to Parameters (Barden et al. 2012) introduces the code. This paper explains all methods and techniques and serves as a first manual for the code package.

Tests and Application: STAGES: the Space Telescope A901/2 Galaxy Evolution Survey (Gray et al. 2009) contains a description of the first application of GALAPAGOS in its first publicly available version 1.0. Moreover, we perform simulations of artificial galaxies to test GALAPAGOS' performance in particular with respect to reliability and parameter recoverability.

Further Reading: In GEMS: Galaxy Fitting Catalogs and Testing Parametric Galaxy Fitting Codes: GALFIT and GIM2D (Häußler et al. 2007) we provide information and tests about GALAPAGOS' predecessor, a simple pipeline consisting of the main GALAPAGOS routines. It also contains a detailed comparison between GIM2D and GALFIT, the latter being the main fitting routine incorporated into GALAPAGOS.

Newer Versions: Newer, updated versions of this code with additional features can be found here