Newer and improved versions of Galapagos

Galapagos-2: MegaMorph - multiwavelength measurement of galaxy structure: complete Sérsic profile information from modern surveys (Häußler et al. 2013) introduces a new version of this code with several additional features. Most importantly, this code is now capabale of fitting multiple images/bands simultaneously, which vastly improves the fitting quality. However, even for one-band data, Galapagos-2 offers a few more features and flexibilty. This code is explained in more detail here and here and provides the latest development of Galapagos. It is still written in IDL, but provides the highest flexibility at this stage. The code can be found here.

Galapagos-C: GALAPAGOS-C: analysis of galaxy morphologies using high-performance computing methods (Hiemer et al. 2014) introduces a new and improved single-band version of Galapagos. Written in C, it is optimised for speed and includes some code restructuring. Most importantly, a large number of codes can be used in parallel (IDL limits this to 16 cores in the IDL versions of this code). The code can be found here.